Harvia white rounded heater stones, AC4000
  • Harvia white rounded heater stones, AC4000
  • Harvia white rounded heater stones, AC4000
  • Harvia white decorative stones and olivine diabase heater stones
  • Harvia white decorative stones and Elite heater stones
  • Harvia white rounded decorative stones, AC4000

Heater stones

Decorative stones Harvia rounded white 5-10 cm 10 kg

Decorative white sauna heater stones are designed to be used as decorative elements at the top of the heater. The stones provide extra soft steam and create a white, clean atmosphere in the sauna. White stones are to be used as a top layer stone only, and should be used at a maximum of one box per heater.

Item number Harvia
Type code
Electrical number (STK)
Room volume

  • Decorative white sauna heater stone to the top stone layer of the heater
  • Decorative sauna heater stone for all heater models. Should be used as a decorative stone only for the surface stone layer
  • The features of decorative stones do not fully correspond to traditional stove stones (stones may crumble or discolor in use)
  • Needs to be piled loosely without heating element contact to ensure good air circulation
  • Must be washed before use
  • Stone size 5-10 cm and box weight 10 kg
  • Does not contain harmful ingredients
Harvia Vulcanite sauna heater stones

Harvia sauna heater stones

The best steam and appearance for your heater

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