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Electric heater Harvia Kivi PI70 7,0 kW Steel

The Harvia Kivi electric heater is an impressive piece of raw natural power. The Harvia Kivi heater combines centuries-old tradition with the latest technology to create the ultimate sauna experience. Thanks to the massive number of stones and the tall design, you can adjust the nature of the steam from soft to sharp by throwing water either to the side of the heater or straight on top of the stone pillar. This floor model heater has almost 100 kg of sauna stones, which has proved to be the right amount to offer hefty heat within a reasonable time. The stones are located in a two-part, triangular steel framework. This stylish design allows for the natural strengths of the stone. The Harvia Kivi can be placed near the sauna benches, as its surface temperature is relatively low. You can also embed the heater in the lowest bench with the help of an embedding flange made from stainless steel that is available as an accessory. The heater is equipped with a separate digital control panel.

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A top-of-the-range heater with raw natural power

  • A tall design heater with massive number of stones
  • The height of the pillar heater allows for a spectacular embedding in the bench
  • The upward tapering shape makes the tall heater seem petite
  • The large number of stones guarantees soft and abundant steam

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