Harvia Legend Pro PO165

Electric heater E | Legend

Electric heater Harvia Legend Pro PO15E 15kW 200-208VAC black Japan, special h.elements

The Harvia Legend provides you with the ultimate sauna experience. The patinated steel frame of the large Harvia Legend heater contains a great amount of stones that gives off great steam even in large saunas as it heats up. Due to the open structure of the stone compartment, you can throw water on the entire outer surface of the heater. The heat charged in the large number of stones allows you to throw more water even at a lower temperature - you can enjoy delightfully humid steam in your sauna. Due to its circular shape, the Harvia Legend heater can be installed in the middle of the sauna or embedded into the bench. The heater is controlled by a separate control unit.

Item number Harvia
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