Harvia Legend illuminated safety railing
  • Harvia Legend illuminated safety railing
  • Harvia Legend safety railing, illuminated

Electric heater accessory | Legend

Safety railing Harvia Legend 850 mm illuminated heat-treated birch

The Harvia Legend safety railing is designed to be installed around the handmade Harvia Legend heater to increase bathing safety. Made of heat-treated birch, the safety railing is installed directly onto the heater, making it uncomPromisingly sturdy. The LED lights of the railing create a beautiful atmosphere around the heater and are sure to spark many new stories in – and about – the sauna. Equip your Legend with sturdy safety railing with lights and enjoy a luxurious sauna experience in peace. FYI: the safety railings are compatible with electric-heated Legend heaters. The master blacksmiths of Harvia wish you memorable and safe moments in the sauna.

Item number Harvia
Electrical number (STK)

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