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  • Harvia Legend safety railing

Electric heater option | Legend

Safety railing Harvia Legend black

The Harvia Legend safety railing saves space and guarantees safety in your sauna with style. You can install a uniform safety railing at the preferred height around the top of the heater using the stainless steel brackets. You can also install more than one safety railing and ensure that everyone can move around the heater more safely. The birch surface of the black safety railing is always safe to touch, and it creates a Legendary feeling in your sauna.

Item number Harvia
Electrical number (STK)

  • Safety railing for Legend sauna heater
  • A safety railing, easy to attach to the heater, saves space
  • You can install more than one safety railing around your sauna heater
  • You can select the installation height
  • The wooden parts of the safety railing are black, heat-treated birch
Harvia Legend feeling image

Harvia Legend

Enjoy Harvia Legend’s gentle steam bath in compact size!

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