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Electric heater Harvia Club K12,5G 12,5ย kW 208VAC Steel, w/o contactor

The Harvia Club Combi is a combination of an electric heater and a steamer that offers a variety of sauna experiences, such as a traditional sauna, a steam sauna, a herbal sauna or a fragrance sauna. The super-efficient Club Combi combination heater is designed to have enough steam for a large group of users, from morning till night. The stylish, floor-mounted Club Combi electric heater made of stainless steel represents the world-famous quality of Harvia. When you wish to experience or provide your customers or guests with true Sauna & Spa experiences, familiarise yourself with the super-efficient Club Combi models. Club Combi heaters are controlled by a control unit.

Item number Harvia
Room volume

Super heater for a large club

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