Harvia Xenio, USA
  • Harvia Xenio, USA
  • Harvia Xenio, USA

Control unit EE-model | Xenio

Control unit Harvia Xenio CX45 208V/240V

Harvia Xenio is a control unit with a touch control panel. Xenio provides a modern and subtly stylish user interface for controlling the heart of the sauna, the heater. The stylishly small yet clear touch control panel is easy to install where you want it: in the sauna, the shower room, the dressing room, or even the living room. The control panel enables you to see with just one look when your sauna is at the right temperature for you. - For controlling electric heater - temperature adjustment range 104–194 ºF (40–90 °C) - operating time adjustment range: family sauna 1–6 h, commercial sauna 1–12 h - pre-setting time adjustment range 0–12 h - lighting and fan control - maximum output 11 kW - power unit supply voltage 400 V 3N~

Item number Harvia
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Control your electric heater with a touch

  • Temperature adjustment range 104–194 ºF (40–90 °C).
  • Timer delay adjustment range 0–12 h.
  • Lighting and fan control
  • Max. load: CX30-U1: 11 kW/240V 1 Ph / CX45-U1: 17 kW /240V 1 Ph / CX30-U3: 10.5 kW/208V 3 Ph / CX45-U3: 15 kW/208V 3 Ph

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