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  • Harvia Spirit USA
  • Harvia Spirit USA
  • Harvia Spirit USA
  • Harvia Spirit USA
  • Harvia Spirit USA

Electric heater E | Spirit

Electric heater Harvia Spirit 6,0 kW 240VAC single phase black

The Harvia Spirit is a high-quality heater that heats up the sauna quickly and safely. 

The elegantly curved shapes of the heater exude a natural design, which is accentuated by round sauna stones. The Harvia Spirit creates a modern, yet elegant atmosphere in the sauna.

The Harvia Spirit’s advanced technology improves the sauna experience and increases safety of both the sauna and the sauna bather. The clever design of the Harvia Spirit means the sauna heats up quickly to the desired temperature. The heater’s integrated safety function guarantees that the heater cannot be turned on if any items are placed on top of it, thereby ensuring that it is safe to start the heater remotely. The heater has two additional, separate safety sensors; one monitors the heater and the other monitors the sauna’s temperature to prevent overheating. The Harvia Spirit heater is compatible with the Harvia Xenio control centers.

Harvia Spirit electric heaters are designed and manufactured in Finland and meet regulations and local requirements for electric heaters in the USA

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Harvia Spirit of Löyly

  • Stylish and high-quality Finnish made sauna heater
  • Heats up the sauna very quickly
  • Integrated safety functions ensure safe use
  • Compatible with Harvia Xenio control centers (sold separately)
  • Recommended amount of stones 110 pounds / 50kg (4 pcs x R-991)
  • Recommended stone variety: round Olivine diabase 5-10 cm (product number R-991, sold separately). 4 x R-991
  • Recommended uses: For home use in family and barrel saunas
  • Product certificate: Electric Dry-Bath Heaters UL 875
  • Product contents: Heater, safety device on top of the heater, wall-mounting bracket, user manual and safety regulations
close-up of Spirit electric heater in a dark sauna room

Harvia Spirit - Spirit of Löyly

Healing with heat with Harvia Spirit of Löyly

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