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Harvia Pro 20 ES GreenFlame accessory package

Sauna users can have some control over the harmful emissions from their sauna heater. After all, even a small eco-friendly deed makes a difference. The Harvia Pro 20 ES GreenFlame accessory kit will further reduce the harmful emissions from your Harvia Pro 20 ES heater. Harvia’s advanced GreenFlame technology makes wood burning even more efficient, and significantly reduces environmentally harmful emissions. The more controlled combustion of wood lowers harmful emissions such as carbon monoxide and fine particulate emissions, and evens out the temperature of the heater, making its use more eco-friendly and extending its lifetime. The Harvia Pro 20 GreenFlame accessory kit is easy to install on the Harvia Pro 20 ES heater later.

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    Harvia GreenFlame

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