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Harvia Vega Compact BC23E, BC35E

Electric heater E | Vega

Electric heater Harvia Vega Compact BC23E 2,3ย kW Steel

Harvia Vega Compact is a powerhouse heater for small saunas featuring operating switches on the top part, making the user experience very ergonomic. The heater is easy to install onto the wall mount with one screw and can be mounted very low, ensuring that bathers on the lower benches get to enjoy steam down to their toes.

Item number Harvia
Type code
Room volume
1.3ย mยณ
2.5ย mยณ

Modern convenience

  • Small and compact wall-mounted heater
  • Can be installed particularly low on the sauna wall ensuring that the lower benches also enjoy plenty of heat
  • Can be easily connected to Harviaโ€™s control unit

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