Harvia C90/C150 control unit

Control unit Integrated control | C series

Control unit Harvia C150 17,0 kW white

The Harvia C150 is a manually operated basic control unit that conveniently adjusts the temperature and the On time of the heater from 1 to 12 hours, depending on the bathers’ needs. The C150 control unit can be used to control the heater of a family sauna or a public sauna (2.3‒17 kW). Reliable Harvia quality. - Adjustable temperature min-max °C 40-110 °C - Max display 125 °C Heater output max 17 kW - Operating time 4 (1-12) h - Pre-setting time 0-12 h

Item number Harvia
Type code
Electrical number (STK)

Reliable basic control unit

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