Harvia C150VKK control unit

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Control unit Harvia C150VKK 17,0 kW white

The Harvia C150VKK is a manually operated control unit with a week timer and a remote control feature. The unit allows you to easily time and control the heater of a public sauna. A Programmable week timer enables the heater to automatically turn on or off at any given time on selected days of the week. The maximum number of hours the heater stays on can be limited to 6, 12 or 18 hours, after which the heater will turn off automatically. Reliable remote temperature control by Harvia. - Adjustable temperature min-max 40-110 °C - Max display 125 °C - Heater output max 17 kW - Operating time 6, 12 tai 18 h - Week timer and remote control

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Reliable basic control unit

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    The Harvia C series include manually operated basic control units that conveniently adjust the temperature and the on time of the heater, to suit your needs. The control unit can be used to control the electric sauna heater of different sizes in family saunas or a public saunas.

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