Harvia C170VKK Control Unit
  • Harvia C170VKK Control Unit
  • Harvia C170VKK
  • Harvia C170VKK
  • Harvia C170VKK
  • Harvia C170VKK

Control unit Integrated control | C Pro series

Control unit Harvia C170VKK 17,0 kW white

Harvia C170VKK is an electric sauna heater’s control unit for Professional use. A week timer, remote start system and extensive selection of functionalities enable a versatile use of the sauna facility. Suitable for a max. 17 kW sauna heaters, and also for more powerful heaters when equipped with an additional power unit. Installation is easy. The C170VKK is an updated version of the C150VKK control unit, which has become a classic among Professionals. In addition to controlling the sauna heater, the control unit can be used to adjust the lighting in the space and manage its electronic locks and ventilation. The unit has slots for eight different Programs, which enable automating settings for e.g. certain times or different users. C170VKK is a great choice for housing companies, spas, hotels and other public saunas. Includes the control unit, temperature sensor, temperature sensor’s, connection cable and instructions for use. Operating voltage 400 V~ 3N 50–60Hz 3x25 A. Recommended space: width 260 x depth 150 x height 425 mm. Easy to install in place of the C150VKK control unit.

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Electric sauna heater’s control unit with a week timer and a remote start system for professional use

    C170VKK control unit

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