Harvia Door Switch SAB00101


Door switch Harvia SAB00101 Professional

Harvia door switch allows safe remote use of electric heaters and other sauna room functions. With use of compatible control unit, door switch fills requirements of EU safety standard.The door switch is easy to install. Due to its high durability for heat and humidity it is also reliable accessory part for spa environments. Sensor sensing distance up to 20 mm allows active use. Sauna door needs to be closed, so that activation can be done from the control unit. If the door is opened during the activation, the system will cancel remote start automatically. After installing, you can simply check the sauna room and activate remote start from the control unit. Door switch sensor is compatible with Harvia Products with readiness for door sensor function. Check that your control unit or electric heater is compatible with the door switch.

Item number Harvia
Electrical number (STK)
Product life cycle status

  • For safe remote use of electric-heated saunas according to the EU safety standard (SFS-EN 60335-1 & 60 335-2-53)
  • Reliable door switch sensor for sauna and spa environments. Sensing distance up to 20 mm. High water and heat resistance.
  • Suitable for professional use.
  • Can be installed to the glass or wooden door.
  • Compatible for Harvia control units (check compatibility from the product).
  • All fastening parts included. Sensor cable length 3 meters.

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