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Control unit Harvia Xenio CX170XW WiFi black

Harvia Xenio CX170 WiFi is a sauna control unit equipped with a touch-screen control panel and remote control. Use the Xenio CX170 control unit to control your electric-heater sauna in a modern and easy way. Use the MyHarvia mobile application to control your sauna functions wirelessly. Learn more about MyHarvia at www.myharvia.com Harvia Xenio CX170 WiFi control unit is compatible with the sauna door sensor or heater safety equipment, enabling safe remote control. With the Xenio control panel and mobile device you can control your sauna and see at a glance when it will be just the right temperature for you. The small but clear touch-screen control panel is easy to install in the sauna, washroom or, for example, in the living room. The multi-function Harvia Xenio CX170 WiFi control unit is also suitable for professional use.

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Control with touch

  • Durable and reliable remote control unit for sauna
  • Control your sauna – the temperature, lighting and air ventilation – remotely with the MyHarvia mobile application.
  • Read more about the MyHarvia mobile application at www.myharvia.com.
  • The Xenio WiFi control panel is easy to install in the sauna or in a dry space. Control panel doubling as WiFi transmitter and receiver
  • A separate power unit installed in a dry space enables a range of connections for lighting, safety equipment and ventilation
  • Compatible with electric heater, max 17 kW
  • Remote use is safe thanks to safety equipment. Compatible with sauna door sensor and heater safety equipment
  • Compatible with supplementary power unit if power need exceeds 17 kW

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