Harvia Legend, HPOE/XE
  • Harvia Legend, HPOE/XE
  • Harvia Legend, HPOE/XE
  • Harvia Legend, HPOE/XE
  • Harvia Legend, HPOE/XE
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  • Harvia Legend detail
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Electric heater E | Legend

Electric sauna heater Harvia Legend PO110E 10.8 kW black

Harvia’s Legend electric sauna heater, now in a new size, continues the Finnish sauna tradition and the story of unwavering Harvia quality! The compact Legend electric sauna heater brings the soft steam baths into small family saunas. Legend’s rustic steel frame contains a large amount of stones, creating the distinctive smooth steam bath. The heater, with fine details added by the blacksmith, is a true eye-catcher. The black Legend electric sauna heater, with its pillar shape and large amount of stones, can also be embedded impressively into the benches. Create something special with the comprehensive Legend selection. The Legend model E sauna heater, equipped with a separate control unit, enables various connection options in home and especially in professional use. Select the Harvia control unit system that suits your needs best, or connect your Legend model E electric sauna heater to your existing heater’s Harvia control unit. Choose the strong Legend and begin your own legendary sauna story.

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Enjoy Harvia Legend’s gentle steam bath in compact size!

  • The tall Harvia Legend model E pillar heater, thanks to the large amount of stones, guarantees a pleasant sauna experience, and it can be operated with a separate control unit. Harvia’s control units enable you to create the perfect sauna experience
  • Harvia Legend’s model E electric sauna heater can be operated with a control unit, such as Harvia Xenio CX170 WiFi unit, either from your phone or with the C170VKK control unit, by means of a range of weekly schedules. Select a control unit that suits your sauna best. The model E electric heaters area reliable, durable and suitable for home and professional use.
  • Harvia’s new heating element tunnel solution, with the elements separated into their own space within the stone space, ensures quick heating time and steady heat in the sauna. The heating element tunnel also enables a more relaxing and quieter steam bath with an even temperature, but it can also provide a properly hot steam bath if you like.
  • Protect the benches and structures with a separate Legend protective sheath. Thanks to the protective sheath, the Legend electric sauna heater can be installed in a smaller space. In very small saunas, the protective sheaths also ensure safe sauna use. You can select the sheath that suits you best, as you can install more than one of them. For a corner installation, we recommend one protective sheath. Two protective sheaths are recommended if the benches are on both sides of the heater.
  • To ensure safe movement in the sauna, you can get a sturdy Legend railing as an accessory. You can also install more than one safety railing, making it safer to move about in an open space.
  • The monumental Legend electric sauna heater is particularly well suited for embedding into the benches. For a stylish finish into bench embedding, we provide the Legend embedding flange.
Harvia Legend feeling image

Harvia Legend

Enjoy Harvia Legend’s gentle steam bath in compact size!

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