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Harvia Safety Device for Electric Heater
  • Harvia Safety Device for Electric Heater
  • Harvia SFE-D350 Safety Device

Control unit accessory

Safety device Harvia safety switch D350ย mm

The advanced safety switch brings safety and ease of use to sauna moments. The safety switch monitors the operation of the electric heater whenever the heater is on and switches off immediately if something extra, such as a towel or tablecloth, falls on the heater. The safety switch also prevents the heater from switching on if there is something on it โ€“ an essential safety measure for a family with children. You can also use the safety switch to remotely control the wood burning heater with a mobile application. The safety switch is connected to the control panel of the electric heater and installed above the heater.

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  • Content: Safety device for the electric heater, installation cabel (5 ะผ โ€“ 2 x 0,5 ะผะผยฒ) and quick connectors

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