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Electric heater Combi model | The Wall

Electric heater Harvia The Wall Combi SW90SA 9,0 kW Steel

Harvia The Wall Combi heater has been designed for you who appreciate humid sauna bathing and ambience provided by the sauna scents. Having sauna with a Wall Combi heater with an integrated steaming function is a multi-sensory experience with a versatility that cannot be compared. One heater provides multiple ways of enjoying sauna. Wall Combi -heater adapts to your personal, friends’ and family’s sauna preferences. Enjoy sauna just the way you like it.The Wall Combi sauna heater is a new heater equipped with a steamer in the wall heater range, which has become a Harvia Product family in its own right. The integrated steamer of the Wall Combi heater generates and maintains steady humidity in the sauna – with precision down to the percentage. The steam makes the sauna heat more pleasant, providing a soft and humid bathing experience. You can add fragrances to the stone cup of the sauna heater.

Item number Harvia
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Easy-to-use wall-mounted heater

  • Versatile combi heater with integrated steamer
  • Stable humidity, up to 1 % accuracy
  • Streamlined design that reflects Scandinavian minimalism
  • Controlled by a separate control unit
  • Durable structure and features extend heaters lifespan
  • Smart design enables sturdy structure and steady warmth
  • Quick and easy installation

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