Harvia Black Steel Chimney Extension WHP500M

Sauna chimney | Steel Chimney

Steel chimney extension 500 mm black

The Harvia WHP500M steel chimney extension made of black powder coated steel enables you to easily extend your Harvia steel chimney. Thanks to an ingenious joint mechanism, the supplementary parts are wound together and the smoke pipes are locked in place by the grooves on them. This prevents movement caused by temperature changes. Indoors, the chimney can be installed up to a height of 3 meters without support. Outdoors, the corresponding self-supported installation height is 2 meters. Choose top-of-the-line Harvia quality.

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A stylish chimney solution

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    Steel Chimney

    The Harvia steel chimney is a stylish, easy-to-install chimney solution made of black powder coated steel. The steel chimney withstands extensive changes in temperature and has mainly been designed for use with wood-heated stoves, smaller fireplaces and iron stoves in detached sauna buildings. The standard delivery of the steel chimney includes the steel chimney and a utility box with 1.0 m of non-insulated smoke pipe, a rain cap, a rubber rain flange and an installation set for the rain flange, a stainless steel lead-through flange for the ceiling and a lead-through insulation and protector. Thanks to an ingenious joint mechanism, the steel chimney can easily be extended. Choose top-of-the-line Harvia quality.

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