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Wood burning heater Harvia Linear 22 GreenFlame LS black

Harvia Linear 22 GreenFlame is a timeless and elegant black wood-burning stove with a large glass door that creates a wonderful atmosphere and highlights the fire beautifully. The stove is perfect for medium-sized saunas and boasts lower emission levels thanks to the GreenFlame technology. GreenFlame ® ensures a controlled burn, reliable operation and a long life for your stove. The stones of the Linear 22 GreenFlame stove heat the entire sauna quickly, offering enough heat even for the most demanding sauna bathers. Linear GreenFlame represents pioneering quality in sauna heater technology. The heart of the heater is a fully updated GreenFlame ® fire chamber, which has been designed with clean combustion in mind. The new fire chamber reduces the particulate emissions generated by wood combustion by 20% and carbon monoxide emissions by 70%. The updated GreenFlame fire chamber is an element in Harvia’s determined development efforts towards cleaner combustion and emission reductions. As a long-term goal, Harvia has decided to cut the particulate emissions of wood-burning stoves by half. The Linear GreenFlame stoves can be used to heat up bathwater at the same time as the sauna with 20% lower emissions. You can select the model that suits you best based on the interior decoration of your sauna. The water tank is fixed either at the front (ES), right (RS) or left (LS). The water tap is conveniently positioned towards the bottom of the stove so that hot water can be run into any container safely.

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Timeless design meets a strong structure

  • Linear GreenFlame is a wood-burning stove with a large glass door and advanced combustion technology to ensure a clean burn and long service life.
  • 20% lower particulate emissions and 70% lower carbon monoxide emissions.
  • 90% larger glass door.
  • The matte black colour and elegant design create a modern look in the sauna.
  • Heat your bathwater efficiently with the Harvia Linear GreenFlame water tank models. The positioning of the water tank varies by model, ensuring that you can select the best solution for your sauna. ES, water tank at the front LS, water tank on the left side RS, water tank on the right side
  • The durable structure and replaceable internals ensure a long service life (flame guide panels at sides and back). The robust 10 mm fire chamber cover ensures durability.
  • The adjustable frame legs facilitate installation and ensure stability.
  • With Linear protective walls, you can install the heater in smaller spaces as well.
  • Pipe connections: top and back (115 mm). Suitable especially for heat-insulated Harvia steel pipes (WHP)
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Harvia GreenFlame

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