Harvia Block hybrid sauna, Glow
  • Harvia Block hybrid sauna, Glow
  • Harvia Exclusive Air, Glow EE
  • Harvia Exclusive Air, Glow
  • Harvia Glow, Solide
  • Harvia Glow EE

Electric heater with digital controller | Glow

Electric heater Harvia Glow TRT90EE 9,0 kW Steel

The Harvia Glow pillar heater is designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding sauna decorator. The tall Harvia Glow has a stylish and streamlined design and shape. The large quantity of stones (80 kg) guarantees soft and even heat. The outer surface is made of stainless steel. The majestic Glow sits like a crown between the sauna benches. The EE model electric heater is equipped with a user-friendly and child-proof digital control panel that enables you to easily and accurately adjust the temperature.

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A new design that lifts up even the most stylish sauna interior

  • Tall, crown-like pillar heater
  • The height of the pillar heater allows for a spectacular embedding in the bench
  • The large number of stones guarantees soft and abundant steam
  • Equipped with a separate control panel

Cilindro Black Steel

Harvia Cilindro Black Steel Edition presents modern and shiny black steel pillar heaters for different sized sauna rooms. The Cilindro Black Steel collection offers basic models with manual switches as well as E-model heaters with touch panel control units.

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