Harvia Block hybrid sauna
  • Harvia Block hybrid sauna
  • Harvia Cilindro Black Steel, Block
  • Harvia Cilindro Black Steel, Modular
  • Harvia Cilindro XE Black Steel, Xenio
  • Harvia Cilindro Black Steel
  • Harvia Cilindro Black Steel
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  • Harvia Cilindro Black Steel protective sheath
  • Harvia Cilindro XE Black Steel

Electric heater with digital controller | Cilindro

Electric heater Harvia Cilindro PC70XE 7 kW Black Steel

The Harvia Cilindro pillar heaters are stylish electric heaters ideal for many needs. The size and massive stone quantity of the heater are optimised to provide a smooth, yet powerful sauna bath in saunas of all sizes – from small family saunas to large public ones. The pillar form factor offers freedom for sauna design, making the heater easy to embed into the bench or place in front of a glass wall for an eye-catching display. The Cilindro heaters combine high quality with an impressive appearance. The glossy stainless steel exterior is a great addition to any sauna. Harvia Cilindro heaters are available with a range of control options corresponding to different needs. Depending on the model, the heater is controlled mechanically, with a separate control unit or via the completely redesigned digital Harvia Xenio control panel. Harvia XE -model heaters feature an integrated control unit and are controlled via the Harvia Xenio control panel. The control panel allows you to control not only the heater itself, but the other features of your sauna, such as the lighting and safety devices, as well.

Item number Harvia
Type code
Electrical number (STK)
Room volume
6  - 10 

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The Harvia Cilindro electric heater gives off top-quality steam in large saunas as well as saunas where glass surfaces increase the heater power requirements. Manual heaters have their fixed operating switches located on the front of the heater. The E-model heaters are controlled by a separate control unit. The EE-model heaters are controlled with an external control panel that can be placed inside or outside the sauna room.

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