Harvia Pro 20, Formula
  • Harvia Pro 20, Formula
  • Harvia Pro 20, Solide
  • Harvia Pro 20

Wood burning heater REGULAR | PRO

Wood burning heater Harvia Pro 20 black

In the traditional models of Harvia Pro heaters, the front and top of the heater are made of stainless steel, which is easy to keep clean. The sides of the heater are painted black and the fire that roams behind the glass hatch illuminates and creates cozy atmosphere in the sauna. Changing the glass hatch handedness by your sauna increases comfort and safety in use. Harvia Pro heaters are easy to maintain and install, and the adjustable legs allow you to adjust the heater to a stable and correct height for the chimney opening. Separate service hatches in the flue openings make maintenance easy and the large ash box of the heater is easy to empty.

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Pro 20 – The classic wood-burning heate

  • The front and top of the heater are made of stainless steel that is easy to keep clean
  • Efficient and quick source for hot sauna baths
  • The fire that blazes through the cast iron glass hatch adds cozy atmosphere to the sauna
  • Adjustable feet for easy installation
  • Chimney openings on the top and back
  • Can be equipped with a separate chimney model water tank and protective sheath
  • The fire chamber and fire channels of Harvia woodburning heaters are designed to ensure that the sauna heats up quickly and the fire burns cleanly
  • The heaters meet the requirements of the CE marking
  • The outer casing of The heater is painted graphite black

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